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 Kings, princesses, captains of commerce and movie stars have sailed the Nile in private luxury boats called dahabiya. Now you can too.


Dahabiya is the term for a Nile river cruise boat of two decks, two lateen sails, four to ten cabins, and a host of servants to wait on the passengers.

From the beginning of Nile exploration by Europeans in the early 1800s, foreign visitors have outfitted Nile cruise boats to carry them from Cairo south up the river. During the first half of the 20th century, the favored sort of boat was the dahabiya because it was comfortable, maneuverable, and suitable for important groups (such as aristocrats) and their retinues and servants.

Dahabiyas are now back on the Nile, built to modern standards of comfort and safety, hosting discriminating groups of visitors numbering between eight and 20 voyagers.

To preserve the serene cruising experience of sailing with the wind, yet enable the dahabiya to keep to the voyagers' desired itinerary and schedule, the two traditional lateen sails are now supplemented by a small tugboat that can tow the dahabiya using a long cable, keeping the noise of its diesel engine well away from the dahabiya itself. This is most necessary when traveling south up the river. Traveling north, if there is a breeze, the sails may suffice and the tug may not be needed.

  Dahabiya boat bedroom, Nile, Egypt
  A comfy bedroom

Cabins and suites on a dahabiya may be as comfortable as luxury hotel rooms, with private bathrooms, direct-dial telephones, individual climate control, hairdryers, minibars, safe-deposit boxes, plasma TVs and movie programs.

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Dahabiya boat on the Nile, Egypt

Dahabiya boat on the Nile, Egypt